Saturday, July 19, 2008


Let's face it, it's dirty. i don't think it has been thoroughly cleaned since the first owner drove it off the lot in 1986.

the interior is faded in a lot of place. the seats in particular and carpet. the top's interior needs to be redone entirely. it's called a headliner if you didn't know, and i sure didn't

i started my work on the trunk first and i didn't think to take pictures before so you can't see the the grime that was there, a caked mixture of dirt and oil. armed with an engine degreaser and a roll of shop paper towels (the blue ones), i tried to get off all the oily stuff that was coating everything. i tried various ways to get the cakes off. papers towels, toothbrush, soap.

in the end, i figured i'd try a scotch-brite plastic "steel" wool pad, the kind you use to clean non-stick cookware . it worked, everything is going so much faster now. i'd already seen someone mention the scotch-brite pads on the forums, but i didn't register exactly what they meant until i opened the box under my kitchen sink... Doh! as Homer would say

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